Companions in Transformation:
The Episcopal Church's World Mission in a New Century

Globalization, poverty, AIDS, violence, environmental degradation, inter-religious conflict — these are global challenges Christians and churches face as we engage God’s mission. Episcopalians today wrestle with the legacy of colonialism and the facts of American power and inter-religious conflict in the aftermath of 9/11/01.

Companions in Transformation is the vision that the General Convention’s Standing Commission on World Mission offers to the Episcopal Church as a way of doing world mission in the 21st century. Centered in God’s missionary act of becoming incarnate in Jesus Christ, the vision suggests that when God’s people serve as companions in mission, we become catalysts for God’s transformation in the crises of our time.

The vision highlights both the opportunities for discovering the gospel through Christians in the Global South and the need to witness to Christ with people with little or no gospel exposure. Modes of mission are explored, and practical initiatives are proposed to renew the church’s global engagement.

“Visionary and practical . . . I appreciate especially the generosity of spirit . . .”
— from the Foreward by Bp. Mano Rumalshah

“It was sheer pleasure to read it. Thoughtful and insightful all the way through.”
— Tad deBordenave, Executive Director, Anglican Frontier Missions

“The seven-fold imagery in ‘An Ethos for Mission’ gives a rich, multidimensional description of what mission entails.”
— Richard Jones, Professor of Mission, Virginia Theological Seminary